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2nd April 2014

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Graham Crackers - The Process

Upper-Left: Rolling Out the Dough
I use a pasta maker to roll cracker dough to a consistent thickness, which allow more-even cooking. Behind the pasta maker is a white-handled docker (for poking holes) and a roller “pizza” cutter (some day I will buy or make a perforating wheel). Also pictured are crackers, ready for the oven, on cooking parchment.

Upper-Right: Baked Crackers
A baking stone also aids even baking. In the lower part of the photo is a wooden paddle for moving crackers to and from the oven. (The stone and the paddle are sold for pizza making.)

Middle-Left: Crackers Cooling

Middle-Right: Crackers Burst and Moved to Storage
I don’t waste the slightly burnt and slightly misshapen bits, but segregate the storage to impress guests with ‘pretty’ crackers.

Bottom: Totally-Unnecessary Extreme Close-Up
Because I can.

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19th March 2014

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Graham Crackers

(I thought I had photos of the process, but my camera said “jk lol.”)

18th March 2014

Photoset with 2 notes

In 8th grade, I was required to take a woodshop class. I made a booster seat for my niece. There were parts to hook over the back of the chair, to keep the seat from sliding off the chair, but they broke off and now the back sticks out to keep the booster seat from sliding off to the sides.

12th July 2013

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Anticipated Optimism by Wægen          (f357b)

Anticipated Optimism by Wægen          (f357b)

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12th July 2013

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Lune de Fromage by Wægen          (f409b)

Lune de Fromage by Wægen          (f409b)

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12th July 2013

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The Twilight of Breakfast by Wægen          (f349b)

The Twilight of Breakfast by Wægen          (f349b)

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28th June 2013

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suburban haiku

curtains blow in soft warm breeze
summer shines on floors
kids are playing on the street

kittens run about the house
summer shines on walls
the neighbor’s dog is barking

smell of cookouts in the air
summer is setting
one red leaf falls from the tree

yellow buses here and there
fall is bright and chill
morning frosts be-jewel lawns

autumn leaves raked up from yards
candy in a bowl
kids in costumes on the street

wood smoke from random chimneys
autumn chill turns cold
ice feathers grow on puddles

sleigh bells ring in the distance
winter in the air
midnight parties all around

snow plows rumble down the road
winter bites the nose
was it ever warm outside?

dirty snow banks here and there
winter looses hold
crocuses pushing through snow

birds return with warmer air
spring admits the sun
windy days bring kite displays

little buds sprout into leaves
spring re-wakes the soul
the lawn keeps getting greener

longer days mean shorter nights
spring is on the run
curtains blow in soft warm breeze

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28th June 2013

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I slept …

I slept and I dreamt of you
On a starry night we kissed
On a grassy hill we kissed
Under the broad heavens
And in a cool breeze we kissed
In a cruel moment, you were gone
And I woke
With your sweet kiss on my lips

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7th June 2013

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the words i may not say

The words I may not say are etched between those I write.
They resound in echo of my gentlest expressions.
They’re an aura surrounding my mind’s image of you;
surrounding your face, your eyes, your lips.

The words I may not say are a tempest in my heart.
They selfishly taunt me – by night, by day – for a fool.
They have no care for the constraints of propriety;
the restraint that cruelly bites my tongue.

The words I may not say never merely go unsaid.
Ever they rattle the encaging bars round my heart.
My prisoners, they hold me in captivity; yet
unspoken, they are all I may say.

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31st May 2013

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Gary and the Bumble by Wægen
(my gif animation software sucks, sorry)

Gary and the Bumble by Wægen

(my gif animation software sucks, sorry)